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Almond Dates

Almond Dates

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Dates Stuffed with California badam is an absolute necessity for healthy eating. High in nutrition & taste, these snacks are extremely versatile.

Effar Almond Dates are made from premium California almonds which are handpicked from premium almond trees in California that are then packaged into a resealable bag to maintain freshness and crunch.

No Preservatives: Effar Stuff Dates are packed with Roasted California Almonds and Premium Oman Date which are 100% free of any preservatives and additives, guaranteeing you premium quality at the best price in india.

Mineral Rich: Almonds Dates are packed with minerals like potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese and iron- all essential nutrients that you need for a healthy brain and body.

Healthy Fats: Dates and Almonds are naturally high in healthy fats that your body needs to stay fit. These healthy fats are also beneficial for your skin and hair. These ‘fats’ actually help keep you full for longer while nourishing your body.

High in Fiber: Almonds are high in fiber- an essential nutrient that helps with your digestive system and overall health.

Protein Rich: Like most other nuts, California badam are a great source of protein, particularly if you are a vegetarian. The abundance of protein along with other essential nutrients 

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